LOS ANGELES—Days after completing a transfer from the Premier League to MLS, the LA Galaxy’s newest foreign superstar wasted no time in stating his ambitions for his stint in American soccer. In a full-page advertisement in the LA Times, Zlatan Ibrahimovic wrote, “I will buy the large sign in the Hollywood Hills, whether all at once or piece by piece. And then I will eat the letters. Zlatan hungers.”

The Swedish international has made controversial statements in the past, and manager Sigi Schmid says the Galaxy entered this into their calculus when making the transaction with Manchester United. “First and foremost we are getting a tremendous footballer in Zlatan, and we understand his voracious appetite is part of the package. We always knew there would be a risk that he eats one or several famous Los Angeles landmarks, but that is the cost of doing business.”

LA mayor Eric Garcetti, meanwhile, expressed resignation when inquired about the imminent risk to the iconic sign. “We’ve been in contact with Galaxy management so we knew this was coming but our hands are tied here. To resist an unstoppable force like Ibrahimovic is a fool’s errand. I’ve asked the City Council to appropriate funds for replacing whatever infrastructure he might buy and eat in the future. We have to prepare for the eventuality that he will consume all.” Asked to comment on whether this could even be a possibility, Ibrahimovic replied only, “Yes. I am Zlatan.”