Coming out of this year’s annual meetings, owners revealed a daring suggestion to help fluctuating viewership during games. The NFL might host extra points in Brazil in hopes that shifting locations could alleviate the problems viewers have with extra points. Given their near certainty (99.3% completion rate during the 2014 season), the NFL has witnessed declining viewership of extra pointsduring games. The change of scenery could also provide an incentive to improve players’ performance during extra point plays. Players on the field show a noticeable lack of effort or motivation, prompting disparaging comments from fans and the media. “We want to fix this, but just don’t think that moving extra points further back or narrowing the goalposts go far enough,” stated Patriots owner Robert Kraft. However, the proposal still has to overcome a significant hurdle.  “There’s still the potential issue that this might hurt the NFL’s image overseas,” said Commissioner Roger Goodell, “because extra points are boring as shit.”