H.E. Mr. Collin Beck, the Solomon Islands representative to the UN, spoke before the General Assembly to outline an unorthodox proposal for mediating the Senkaku Islands dispute. Beck delivered a stirring introduction on the potential unsettling effects that territorial conflicts could have on Asian and Pacific countries before presenting his recommendation. “We believe that the UN should support the Solomon Islands in opening a new dialogue between Japan and the People’s Republic of China, as we have unique experience that would facilitate successful mediation,” Beck stated. “We propose cutting the Senkaku Islands in half and dividing it equally between the concerned parties.” Over the next 3 hours, he covered the available methods of dividing the five uninhabited islands, ranging from broad to excruciatingly specific alternatives. The proposals included latitudinal, longitudinal, or diagonal divisions of sea area, but also different ways to partition the islands based on individual or aggregate surface area. Beck further stated that the Solomon Islands would be willing to assist Iran and the United Arab Emirates over the Hormuz Islands. If these methods proved successful, Beck advocated deescalating tensions between the United States and Russia by dividing Europe between the two, “probably somewhere in Germany.”