The House of Commons eased back into its normal routine in the hours after Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote, with Members of Parliament (MPs) hurling epithets and fists alike, until reports of voting irregularities began to surface. To the surprise of many, poll workers in Broward County, Florida, discovered multiple boxes of uncounted no-confidence ballots. Broward’s director of elections sheepishly alerted the Conservative committee chairman, Graham Brady, early Thursday morning. Parliament erupted, with MPs lobbing insults and furniture alike.

May, who is also the head of the Conservative Party in addition to her role as Prime Minister, faced the no-confidence vote amongst the 317 Conservative lawmakers over her approach to Brexit. Results initially favored May, but the hundreds of Florida ballots are more than enough to reverse her narrow 200-117 lead. May’s advocates accused opponents of attempting to steal the election and urged Brady to reconcile the number of ballots cast and investigate potential fraud. Liberals suggested the Conservative Party should have mandated special photo IDs for voting and restricted the number of polling locations. MPs who supported the vote against May, meanwhile, demanded that Brady count every vote. In the wake of the emerging scandal, the hashtag “#Brecount” is trending across social media world-wide.