NEW YORK—NFL executives and writers alike are in an uproar after the New York Jets have shaken things up at the top of the draft in a big way. In a blockbuster deal completed early Saturday morning, Gang Green traded away their No. 6 overall pick along with three second-round picks to the Indianapolis Colts in return for the No. 3 slot, in the process ensuring themselves a shot at a truly franchise-altering draft bust.

General manager Mike Maccagnan was ecstatic in his comments to the press, emphasizing how rarely opportunities present themselves to bet a team’s future on an unknown quarterback prospect. “We’re so excited for this chance to grab whoever or whatever is left after the Browns and Giants select the best two quarterbacks in the draft. We see this year’s draft class as absolutely stacked with potential busts, so honestly we believe we’re buying low. We want to put ourselves in the best possible position get a player who will really show our fans some tantalizing flickers of talent only to flame out and get cut within a couple of years.”

The Jets have a cherished tradition of picking spectacular busts in the first round of the draft, a fact that was not lost on Maccagnan. “We went into this deal looking to honor this organization’s legacy of embarrassing embarrassing performances in the draft. This might not be trading two first-rounders to move up and take DeWayne Robertson like in 2003, but hey, I like to think one first-rounder and three second-rounders comes close.”