PYEONGCHANG — Cris Collinsworth expressed disbelief with Olympic judges following the routine of Germany’s skaters Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot. In their program, Savchenko and Szolkowy appeared to execute a textbook triple twist lift. Collinsworth nevertheless attempted to stoke controversy. “I think the judges have to overturn their scoring,” he exclaimed hopefully.

Collinsworth expressed doubts that Savchenko and Massot had adequately completed the process. In a twist lift, the man boosts his partner into the air to spin, and then catches her by the waist to set her back on the ice. According to International Skating Union’s rules, the catch must be completed while the partner is in the air. Collinsworth examined the instant replay frame by frame and confidently expressed his opinion that Savchenko was not secure when going to the ice. “She comes loose. Massot eventually catches her, but at what point does she touch the ice? And does he get both of his skates down?”

After the technical panel confirmed there would be no deduction, Collinsworth threw his hands in the air. “I’m stunned…I give up,” Collinsworth despaired. “If that’s a catch, well, I just don’t know anymore.” As Collinsworth ranted, commentators Tara Lapinski and Johnny Weir expressed confusion over what it means, exactly, for a skater to “survive the ice.”