1. Take a gander at this chimney sweep. He might appear to have received a particularly spirited smudging of ashes, but no. He looks like that every day of the year, and evidently couldn’t be bothered to receive ashes today.


2. This fuliginous fellow hasn’t found his way to his local church for Ash Wednesday, but don’t feel bad for him! Beseech him to repent and have faith in the gospel.

chimney sweeps 2

3. Here’s a charwoman with no apparent use for Christian symbology. Without having ashes imposed by her parish priest, how can she ever remember that she is dust, and to dust she shall return?


4. Check this guy out. Covered head to toe in soot but nary a speck of dust to mark the shame of a sinner. One wonders if he is even aware of his (likely habitual) straying from the path of Christ.


5. The face of this chimney sweep is hardly scrutable under that caked layer of grime. But will he turn away from his wicked ways and toward the radiant countenance of Christ? Doubtful, judging by the lack of ashes upon his pitiable brow.


6. This chimney sweep is looking pretty goddamn pleased with himself, but he wouldn’t be if he knew he was headed for the kind of fire that no flue can contain.


7. Ah! Now surely here is a penitent Christian who has received ashes from the burned fronds of Palm Sunday last. NOPE. It’s fucking creosote. From a chimney. What a fucking surprise.


8. Egads, an entire brood of sweeps! Are those children even baptized?? Get these people some sackcloth; it’s no more than they deserve. Just disgusting. This list is over.