WASHINGTON, D.C. — As President Trump’s first State of the Union approaches, Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke with Fox News about which cabinet-level official may be the designated survivor. “I really hope it’s not me,” he revealed.

The designated survivor is intended to ensure that a member of the presidential line of succession survives a catastrophic attack during a major event. The president and his staff choose the designated survivor, but the White House has yet to make an announcement.

Perry expressed concerns due to the narrow group under consideration. “I’m sure it won’t be anyone like Tillerson or Sessions,” Perry opined. “President Trump wouldn’t want them to survive if he didn’t.” When asked his opinion on the best-qualified cabinet member, though, Perry appeared conflicted and avoided the question.

While he was reluctant to recommend anyone, Perry was steadfast in attempting to withdraw himself from consideration. “Most of this year has been learning the scope of a single department. Can you imagine my learning curve for the entire government, especially one in crisis?” he warned. Looking directly at the camera, Perry implored, “Please, do not pick me.”