• Democratic candidates swept state-wide races in Virginia and New Jersey this week in a resounding rebuke of President Trump and his Republican party.  In Virginia, Democrat Ralph Northam outperformed his polls by a significant degree, waltzing to a nine-point victory over Republican Ed Gillespie. [CNN]
  • Comedian Louis C.K. was accused this week of sexual harassment by five women. The conduct in question bears striking resemblance to a number of off-color jokes C.K. has made over the course of his career regarding masturbation.   [New York Times; The Cut]
  • Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was accused this week of initiating romantic and sexual relationships with four underage women several decades ago.  Moore has thus far denied the allegations and refused to step down as his party’s nominee. [Washington Post]
  • 26 were killed by a mass shooter this week in Texas, with dozens more injured.  The church where the massacre occurred will be demolished, according to the congregation’s Pastor, whose 14-year-old daughter was among the slain. [NPR]
  • A leak of over 13.4 million sensitive financial documents this week known as the “Paradise Papers” revealed the tax avoidance schemes of the world’s elite, including the Queen of England, Nike, Apple, Donald Trump’s cabinet members, and many others. [Guardian]

FACT OF THE WEEK: The state sport of Maryland is Jousting.  [Maryland.gov]