Hasbro is giving the Monopoly franchise a makeover with new rules and a new name. Executives are making the move to capitalize on the resurgence of board game popularity while remaining attractive to upcoming generations. Monopoly production will gradually phase out to accommodate the new game, Monopsony.

Hasbro has integrated new trends in Monopoly since acquiring the rights in 1991. They moved away from a cash-based economy in favor of credit card transactions. They also recently reviewed game piece offerings to better resonate with younger players. The change replaced the boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble pieces with a T-rex, rubber ducky, and penguin, reflecting Millennials’ declining vocational skills and penchant for harmless, whimsical fancies. Catering to Generation Z, however, necessitates more fundamental changes.

Monopsony’s paradigm-shifting gameplay stems from the newest generation’s dependence on technology. While virtual connections are thriving among post-Millennials who have never known anything else, physical interactions are diminishing. “Currently, board games are inherently group activities – but we want physical games to stay relevant with customers who favor Google hangouts over in-person ones,” Executives stated. “So we made a game with just one buyer.”

In Monopsony, the player’s goal is to purchase every property as quickly as possible. Every purchased property reduces the cost of remaining properties by a factor based on board positioning. The player can choose to play as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Android game piece. All other features are unchanged, allowing Hasbro to scale Monopsony off the staggeringly large number of themed Monopoly games.

Hasbro executives optimistically predict more peaceful holiday gatherings, noting “it’s impossible to destroy relationships that no longer exist.” Older Monopoly players are less pleased, dejectedly adding the over 80-year-old game to the list of ‘things young people kill.’