Lebron James, the current king of basketball, spread his arms wide, lifted his face to the heavens, and released a long sigh. His corporeal form turned green and began to fade. He vanished like a mist that is driven back by a sudden wind as, on the first day of NBA free agency, the city of Cleveland released him from his bond.

Lebron swore an oath to the Cavaliers when the team drafted him in 2003. They fought valiantly for years but, when the team requested his continued assistance in 2010, Lebron refused. Blinded by greed, the temptation of a ring proved too much: Lebron fled to the Miami Heat as an oath-breaker and the people of Cleveland cursed his name.

Ages passed since Lebron’s treachery. Terrified about his legacy and knowing only one way to redeem himself, Lebron returned to his home state when it pleaded for aid in 2014. He proved the turning point in the struggle: In the past four years, he single-handedly carried the team to the NBA finals and, in 2016, routed the Golden State Warriors to bring the franchise a title.

At the Monday free agency press conference, Lebron received his freedom. “Your oath is fulfilled. Depart and be at rest!” Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue stated. Lebron cast down his basketball and, within seconds, vanished. Cleveland was dismayed, however, when Lebron’s army of fans disappeared as well.