National Museum of American History Director John Gray announced preparations to annex the National Museum of the American Indian.

The American History Museum faced a capacity issue: the museum had a growing number of exhibits that its current square footage could no longer support. “We quickly realized the best option for everyone—just occupy an existing building on the National Mall,” Gray stated. “It was almost like destiny!” National Museum of the American Indian Director Kevin Gover voiced strong objections. “Any claim that the landgrab is the best way to secure each Museum’s future is a shameful, bald-faced lie to justify seizing a tremendously valuable location.” Regardless, the Smithsonian Board of Regents is backing the removal plans.

The relocated museum will likely be forced to move west of the District, possibly near where the National Air and Space Museum already has a second location. Gray dismissed criticisms and repeated that the occupation would benefit the city. “Our mission is to make Washington the best it can be. Go Redskins!”