New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels held a press conference to address his abrupt return to the team. The Indianapolis Colts officially announced McDaniels as the new head coach on Tuesday morning, but he reversed course later that day after a closed-door meeting with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Josh opened the conference by testing the microphone—three quick taps, three slow taps, and three quick taps. Locking eyes with reporters as questions began, his grin faltered.

The normally composed McDaniels revealed it was a very emotional decision. Though the meeting with Belichick covered multiple topics, McDaniels emphasized that it ultimately revolved around his family. Josh’s wife and four children have lived in the area since he rejoined the Patriots in 2012. “It’s been a privilege getting to watch my kids grow up…in New England. Bill made it very clear that staying here was the best option for me, and for them,” he said, voice breaking. “God I love them so much.”

McDaniels began sweating profusely. Repeatedly, responses circled back to his family. “They’ll tell you how important this is to us. Please, try to contact them,” he urged. At the end of the conference, Belichick presented a sobbing McDaniels with a framed picture of his wife and children holding a current newspaper story about Josh’s reversal.

Every effort to reach his wife or children for comment failed. Friends admitted that they had not seen or heard from Mrs. McDaniels in several days. However, Belichick graciously made himself available for the story. “I’m confident Josh made the right choice for his beautiful family. He’s a very lucky man,” Bill commented with an uncharacteristic smile.