In an emotional statement, Context urged the public to assist search and recovery efforts for a possibly kidnapped quote. Authorities are preparing a manhunt for the missing passage.

Context is closely related to quotes, but this is not the first time they have experienced separation. Their bonds are similar to those an eldest child has with younger siblings. “I’m there for quotes from their beginning,” Context explained. “It can be hard for a quote to find its way in the world, but I help give quotes meaning.” However, quotes are typically much more popular and receive a disproportionate share of attention. “Everyone likes quotes, but I never get invited anywhere,” Context lamented. “People call me boring, but my Mom says I’m too complex for them to totally get me.”

This time, though, Context has the authorities worried and searching for clues. The missing quote’s content, its speaker, and the current political environment provide a fertile ground for controversy. Alone, the wayward thought given voice reportedly implies racial insensitivity, sexist overtones, and general ignorance. “When we’re together I swear it’s not that bad.” Context insisted. Local Police Chief Bradley Miller corroborated the matter. “Whoever has the quote could cause a lot of damage,” he noted, “If we don’t get these two back together, people will flip and shit’s gonna go sideways.”

Malicious quote abductions rarely have happy endings. Quotes may suffer through abusive cycles or turn up buried in an article. Even if Context and a quote eventually reunite, the relationship is often never the same. Recently, however, celebrity attention has increased visibility. Liam Neeson is releasing a documentary on the subject, titled Taken: Out of Context.