WASHINGTON- The Twitter hashtag #WhyILeft, used originally by victims of domestic abuse, is seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to its use by Republican senators Jeff Flake (AZ) and Bob Corker (TN).

Both senators have come forward with tales of terror concerning their party’s relationship with President Donald Trump. Neither senator is running for reelection.

“The verbal abuse never ended,” said Corker. “Every day it was something new: my hair, my weight, my opposition to his handling of foreign policy. It was unrelenting.”

“Hashtag Why I Left because our party deserves respect,” Senator Flake commented to reporters Wednesday. “Nobody should have to endure what our party has endured — torture both verbal and physical.”

The physical abuse to which Senator Flake refers is the much-publicized location of the GOP’s testicles, which have been on display at Trump Tower in New York since mid-July 2016.

Corker further elaborated in an op-ed to the Knoxville News Sentinel: “#WhyILeft Because a President should never call anyone in his party ‘liddle.'”

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently voiced an alternate take on the relationship with Trump: “Hashtag Why I Stayed he means well. Despite everything, he kept Hillary away. Her emails, though. Her emails.”

Despite never using the hashtags on Twitter, Republican use has put both terms back in the spotlight. Victims of real domestic abuse are outraged, claiming that Republican senators are drawing attention away from their legitimate plights. True to form, these suffering individuals (predominately women) have been ignored completely by the GOP.

In brighter news, DiGorno seems to have learned from past mistakes; the company is currently #keepingsilent about this trending story.