The last gasp of their latest effort in the fight over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) poses a new challenge to Senate Republicans. Prior to its death late Tuesday afternoon, the ACA repeal effort signed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. The doomed legislation released a powerful letter reflecting on its challenges, writing: 

“I am weary of this cycle. My creators have brought me into the world four times, and each has been more agonizing than the last. I suffer through haphazard and ill-conceived revisions that transform me into a shambling hulk. I am Frankenstein’s monster. Some pity me. Some mock my uncoordinated sprint towards an inevitably humiliating demise, from which I only rise again. But most gaze upon me in horror. The masses gather in droves, fearful I intend to harm themselves or their loved ones. I cannot bear their terror. Please don’t bring me back again. Please let me die.”

Republicans are reportedly holding backroom discussions to consider their pledge to revisit the topic. Leadership is debating whether violating the DNR and reanimating a deceased bill is more morally repugnant than erecting barriers to healthcare for all but the wealthy and allowing tens of thousands to die. Democratic Senators have urged their colleagues to respect the terminally ill bill’s final wishes.